Panasonic KX-T7055Zoom

Panasonic KX-T7055

Panasonic KX-T7055
Item# KX-T7055
Features: 3 Programmable Line Buttons and Feature Keys, Automatic Redial, Conference Key, Flash Key, Hold Key, Programmable Message Waiting Key, On-Hook Dialing, Redial Key, and Transfer Key.

Compatible with: KX-TD816, KX-TD816-1, KX-TD816-2, KX-TD816-3, KX-TD816-4, KX-TD816-5, and KX-TD816-6. KX-T30810, KX-T61610, KX-T123211D, KX-TA624 & KX-TA1232. Also KX-TD1232 models, except KX-TD1232-7.

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