Yealink SIP-MP54 Teams Edition Zoom

Yealink SIP-MP54 Teams Edition

Item# yea-mp54-teams
Yealink Microsoft Phone MP54 The Yealink Microsoft Phone MP54 was developed with the office worker in mind. The MP54 comes equipped with HD voice, USB port for a WiFi, Bluetooth dongle and an additional USB for a headset.

Yealink Microsoft Phone MP54 Overview The MP54 has a beautiful 4 inch (800 x 480) touch screen display that makes for an easy-to-use experience for any user. This phone offers the flexibility for you to use it with Microsoft, Yealink and Unify square as well as auto-provisioning, allowing the device to me easily deployed, administered, upgraded and maintained.

Yealink Microsoft Phone MP54 Features and Specifications:

-Android 9.0

-4 inch (800 x 480) Capacitive Touch Screen

-Optimal HD audio, Yealink Noise Proof Technology

-Dedicated Microsoft Teams Button

-Supports Upgradability of Firmware to Teams and SfB Edition

-Magnet Handset

-Bluetooth Headset via BT41

-Wi-Fi via WF50

-USB Type A port, Supports USB Headset

-Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, Supports PoE

-Supports Microsoft/Yealink/Unify Square Device Management Platform

-Hybrid mode (Teams version only)
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