Voyager Pro UC WG200/B HeadsetZoom

Voyager Pro UC WG200/B Headset

Voyager Pro UC WG200/B Headset
Item# 38667-01
Features: One headset for both your mobile phone and computer VoIP calls. Supports Bluetooth® headset and hands-free profiles. Soft, flexible materials and balanced, lightweight design ideal for extended wearing. Dual-mic AudioIQ2 noise canceling technology enriches voice quality. Full-spectrum audio at comfortable listening volumes. Boom places mics where they best capture your voice. WindSmart® technology, including stainless steel mic screens, acoustic fabrics and electronic filters, aggressively blocks intrusive wind noise. Multipoint technology pairs one headset to two phones. Freedom to roam up to 33 feet (10 meters). 6 hours of talk time / 5 days of stand by time.
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