Avaya TransTalk 9031 & Dual Radio moduleZoom

Avaya TransTalk 9031 & Dual Radio module

Avaya TransTalk 9031 & Dual Radio module
Features: Accesses up to 10 lines. Backlit display. Hold, transfer, conference, redial. Quick battery recharger - only 2.5 hours. Message waiting indicator and vibrator alert. Feature programming access. Built in jack for headset. Includes Transtalk 9031 Phone, Radio Module, Desktop Recharger, Power Supply.

Compatibility and Requirements: Definity: Available port on TN762B Hybrid Circuit Pack. Partner: Available ETR Port. Merlin Magix Systems: Available port on 016 ETR Module. Merlin Legend: Available port on 016 ETR, 408 ATL, or 008 ATL Module. Merlin Classic, Merlin Plus, or Merlin II: Available ATL Port.
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