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Teledex Diamond L2S

Teledex Diamond L2S
Item# 00G2100-005
Feature: Two Line Integrated Speakerphone, Five (5) Guest Service Buttons, Patent Pending MPC Circuitry, Electronic 3 Way Call Conference, Line Powered, does not require external power, PrimeLine/RingLine Select, HAC/VC (ADA) Handset Volume Boost with 3 distinct levels, EasyAccess Data Port, ExpressNet-ready, Patented MultiX Message Waiting Circuitry, Raised Red Message Waiting lamp Hold with Hold Release detection circuit Mute Redial, Textured Finish, Supports Full-length Paper Faceplate, Desk or Wall Mountable, Hidden Programming Key.

Specifications: Standard Handset K Style, Hearing aid compatible, Cabling Requirement 2 Pair Minimum, Signaling Standard 12 tone DTMF, Flash Timing 600 ms, Message Waiting 90-120 VDC, FCC Specifications Meets Part 15, Subpart J, Class A, Part 68, International PTT Registrations Available upon request. Safety Standard ETL and CE, Ringer Equivalence Z, Registered Connector USOC RJ 14.

*Paper faceplate desi, plastics, and phone manual available. Call 1-888-883-4TEL (4835) for more information.
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