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Soundstation EX

Soundstation EX
Item# 2200-01423-001
Why settle for an ordinary, handset speakerphone when you can use a SoundStationģ EX? Unlike other speakerphones that only allow one person to talk at a time, Polycomís breakthrough Acoustic Clarity Technology lets you have natural, free flowing two way discussions. Conference calls are not only more productive, but also much more efficient.

While on a conference call, have you ever tried to interrupt someone who was making a point you did not agree with? Well, SoundStation EX enables you to speak at the same time as someone else so you donít have to wait for him or her to stop talking before you can break in.

The SoundStation EX Conference Phone provides all the features of the SoundStation and offers two external microphone ports and optional extended microphones for additional coverage and greater microphone pick-up.
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