Samsung Falcon IDCS 28DZoom

Samsung Falcon IDCS 28D

Item# samsung1
Key Features:

-Add-on module

-Appointment reminder

-Automatic hold

-Automatic privacy

-Background music

-Busy station callback

-Busy station indications (BLF)

-Call forwarding

-Call pickup

-Dial by name

-Direct station selection (DSS)

-Do not disturb (programmable)

-Door lock release

-Exclusive hold

-Group listening

-Headset operation

-Hearing aid compatible

-Line queuing with callback

-Line skipping

-Message waiting light indication

-Mute microphone/handset

-Off-hook ringing

-Off-hook voice announce (standard)

-Off-hook voice announce (executive)

-One touch dialing keys

-One time do not disturb

-On-hook dialing

-Programmable keys

-Programmed station messages

-Protection from barge-in

-Pullout directory tray

-Pulse to tone switchover

-Redial: auto redial, last number, save number

-Remote hold

-Ring modes: auto answer, ring-light tone choices, voice announce, ringing line preference


-Station lock

-Tri-colored lights

-Volume settings: handset, BGM, ringing, speaker, off-hook ring

-Wall-mountable keysets

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