SoundPoint Pro SE225 Desktop Conference Phone Zoom

SoundPoint Pro SE225 Desktop Conference Phone

SoundPoint Pro SE225 Desktop Conference Phone
Item# 2200-06325-001
Two Line desktop conference phone. 2 microphone system for 360 degree coverage. SoundPoint® Pro SE-225 seamlessly integrates handset and headset telephone functionality with crystal clear, and hands-free voice conferencing.

With the touch of a button, SoundPoint Pro SE-225 lets you hold clear, multi-point conference calls with up to two additional participants. Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity Technology enables callers to speak when they want without clipped sentences and one way conversations that are common with ordinary business speakerphones. The SoundPoint Pro SE-225 has versatile features like a front and rear facing microphone for 360° voice conferencing coverage, and dialing is quick with the 99 number speed dial capability. You can also connect an optional 2.5mm headset for quality, hands free applications.

Key Features: Includes 2 microphones for 360 degree coverage. All-in-one communications at your finger tips conferencing, handset and headset support. High quality voice clarity with full duplex conferencing for natural 2 way conversations. Caller ID and Caller ID on Call Waiting identifies incoming calls quickly. 99 number programmable speed dial saves dialing time. 99 number outgoing and 99number incoming (with Caller ID) call history directories easily locate and dial stored numbers. Keypad activated rear mic for maximum room coverage. Requires Analog Telephone Line.
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