SoundStation 2 Direct Connect for Nortel Zoom

SoundStation 2 Direct Connect for Nortel

SoundStation 2 Direct Connect for Nortel
Item# 2200-17120-001
You donít need an analog port, analog adapter, or complicated connections to take advantage of natural 2 way conversations with Polycomís breakthrough Acoustic Clarity Technology. Delivering remarkable voice quality equal to the original SoundStation Premier 500D/550D and a 50% increase in microphone sensitivity over SoundStation, users can speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to 10 ft. away.

Features: Polycom Acoustic Clarity Full Duplex. 3 Cardiod microphones. 10ft Microphone Pickup range. Intelligent microphone mixing. Dynamic Noise Reduction. Volume (adjustable up to 94 DBA @ 0.5m ). User selectable ring tones. 12 key telephone keypad. Mute, Volume up/down keys. Mute, Conference keys. Graphical Backlit LCD. Configurable conference Speed Dial Key. 3 Context sensitive soft keys. Multi-lingual User Interface. Caller ID. 25 Entry Phone Book. RCA Auxiliary Audio Jack. Applications Port. EX microphone jacks.
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