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Soundstation 2W Cordless Conference Phone

Soundstation 2W Cordless Conference Phone
Item# 2200-07880-001
SoundStation 2W cordless Conference Phone gives you the freedom to conference anywhere, even if there are no power of phone connections. Features Polycom's award winning Acoustic Clarity Technology for natural, full duplex two way conversations. Uses 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 64 bit voice encryption for clear, secure conversations. 150 ft. wireless range. Rechargeable battery with 12 hour talk time and 80 hour standby. Connects to telephone line or cell phone, letting you conference in temporary work spaces or facilities where there is no analog phone line. Feature rich LCD display with caller ID, speed dial, and intuitive interface. Includes console, 12 hour talk time rechargeable battery, portable charger and cell phone connection cable. 1 year warranty.

Key Features: 2.4GHz WDCT Digital Spread Spectrum Radio. 150 Feet Wireless Range. 3 Hour Portable Console Charger. 64 Bit Voice Encryption For Added Security. Cell Phone Dialing Via Headset Cable Connection. Aux Out Activated From Console. Automatic Gain Control (AGC). Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR). Battery Life: Up To 12 hour Talk Time; 80 Hour Standby. Requires Analog Telephone Line. If you don't have an analog phone line, you will need a digital to analog connector.
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