Plantronics P151N Polaris DuoPro Noise CancelingZoom

Plantronics P151N Polaris DuoPro Noise Canceling

Plantronics P151N Polaris DuoPro Noise Canceling
Item# P151N
Plantronics P151N Polaris DuoPro noise canceling headset is configurable for every user, the Plantronics Noise Canceling DuoPro is the most versatile headset ever made. The DuoPro features best in class sound quality and all day comfort.

Features: Noise canceling microphone, Earloop style, Unsurpassed comfort, Patent pending anti-twist boom ensures perfect microphone placement, Rugged construction, Quick Disconnect for added freedom.

Plantronics Polaris models are only compatible with phone systems that are "headset ready" (usually marked with a headset symbol or labeled "headset" on the bottom or side of the phone). These telephones have a built-in amplifier. A Plantronics amplifier (Plantronics M12) is NOT required. All Plantronics Polaris headsets include the bottom cable to plug directly into your phone modular jack (RJ11).
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