Plantronics Avaya LKA10 Wireless Headset SystemZoom

Plantronics Avaya LKA10 Wireless Headset System

Plantronics Avaya LKA10 Wireless Headset System
Item# LKA10
The Plantronics Avaya LKA10 is an innovative cordless headset system for Lucent and Avaya Definity and Merlin phones. This unique hands free solution allows users to take calls and make calls up to 150 feet from their desks with a full keypad on the pocket size remote. Includes a convertible headset that can be easily configured in an over the ear or over the head wearing style.

(Please note that you cannot transfer calls or switch lines remotely. You would need to be back at your desk to press the appropriate buttons on your phone.)

Compatible with: Avaya/Lucent/AT&T 6416D+M and 6424D+M models connect directly into phone headset port; all other 6400 series, 7400 series and 8400 series phone models require a Plantronics HL10 handset lifter for remote answer/hang up capabilities.

Key Features: Mute with audible reminder; 10 number speed dial, redial and flash. Cordless amplifier with headset, Base unit connects to Lucent/Avaya PBX desk set, Remote unit includes dial pad, direct connect to 64XX with headset port; otherwise, requires Plantronics HL10 lifter, 6 hour continuous talk time on rechargeable battery.
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