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Partner ACS R8 Processor

Partner ACS R8 Processor
Item# 700469687
Enhanced System Features:

Caller ID to Analog Devices Allows the use of Industry Standard devices (wireless handsets or headsets, single line sets) or DevConnect products.

Network Clock Synchronization keeps system time accurate (ex. Daylight Savings Time)and reduces service and trouble call-in’s.

Name and Extension Display quickly and accurately locate extensions for a more professional look.

Modified Caller ID Logs Indication substitutes“!” for “Calls” in the display, which overwrote the name and extension information.

End User Enhancements:

Absent Text Messaging w/Inspect shows when you are out of office or away from desk. Can be inspected at receptionist telephone. Improves productivity by knowing status of associates.

Hot Keypad Dialing eliminates needs to pickup handset or turn on speakerphone.

Message Alert Notification visual indication of new messages in a users mailbox. Saves time – 1 touch of a button shows you who has new messages waiting for them.

Customer Contact Enhancements:

Personalized Station Ringing differentiates which users telephone is ringing. Perfect for calling groups or hunt groups. Quicker response to important customers.

Integrated SMDI eliminates expense for optional PCMCIA card. Supports 3rd party applications such as Telcomp’s “Pickups” (screen pop app for PARTNER). Encourages other 3rd party apps to be developed.
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