Panasonic KX-TVS200 Voice Processing SystemZoom

Panasonic KX-TVS200 Voice Processing System

Item# tvs200
Panasonic KX-TVS200 Features

Configured for 0 ports, 32 Hours of Voice Storage, Extension Numbering: 2 to 5 Ditigs (programmable) Live CAll Screening (DPITS only) Port Capacity: 0 to 12 ports DPLTS (Digital Extension Porth), 0 to 6 ports APITS (Analog Extension Port) 3 Expansion Card Slots Pause Time: 1-9 sec (programmable) Message Waiting Lamp (programmable) DTMF sequence IGGIT Microprocessor Main CPU Maximum Message Length: 1 to 6 min. (programmable) Intercom Paging Automatic Fax Call Transfer In-Band Signaling Integration System Message Retention Time:1 to 30 days, or unlimited (Programmable) Automated Attendant Service Custom Service Scripts Personal Greeting Outgoing Message Length: 8 to 60 Seconds (Programmable) Voice Mail Service (1024 Mailboxes Maximum) 100 Messages

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