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Panasonic KX-TA824 System

Panasonic KX-TA824 System
Item# KX-TA824
Panasonic phone system KX-TA824 is analog and initially equipped to handle 3 incoming telephone lines and 8 telephone extension ports. It is expandable up to 8 incoming lines and 24 extensions. The first Panasonic phone system to offer an optional plug in Panasonic Voice Mail card which can provide each Panasonic phone with its own Panasonic voice mailbox to take messages from callers. A message waiting light will indicate when a message is left on that multi-line extension. This Panasonic phone system includes a built-in Auto Attendant, built-in 3 line Caller ID Card, and built-in modem for off site programming. Works with Panasonic KX-T7700 series multi-line phones wired or KX-T7895 wireless telephones, single line telephones, or industry standard cordless telephones. Can also be used with your local telephone company’s voicemail. This business phone system can be programmed either by a Panasonic phone, RS232 port, USB port, or even remotely via a modem. Fully compatible with most call accounting programs like analog. Is very good for home office phone systems. It provides additional security with the Door Phones. You can speak to a visitor from any Panasonic multi-line or cordless telephone in your home or poolside and allow them entry from that phone. If you have a gate, electric garage door opener or electric door release you can have complete control over the access to your home. You can also activate security lights with any phone. (Requires electrician) KX-TA Panasonic phone system Privacy guarantees that no one will pick up on your calls. However, certain Panasonic phones may be programmed to Over Ride the Privacy feature. Built-in Modem allows a qualified service company to access your small business phone system and make programming changes remotely. Also, a limited amount of remote phone system testing can be performed.

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