Panasonic KX-DT521 Digital PhoneZoom

Panasonic KX-DT521 Digital Phone

Panasonic KX-DT521 Digital Phone
Item# KX-DT521
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The Panasonic KX-DT521 Series Digital Proprietary telephones take you to a new dimension in audio experience through excellent Voice quality audio on every phone, combined with easy access to powerful supportive features and applications. The sleek, ultra-modern design, available in both black and white colour options, works well with any office decor.

Packed with a host of features, the KX-DT521 Digital Proprietary telephone could not be simpler to use. The KX-DT221 is intuitive, user friendly and follows universal design philosophy making it highly appealing and comfortable to use by all system telephone users.

The Panasonic KX-DT521 Digital Phone features: 1-line Graphical LCD with backlighting

8 freely programmable function keys

Speaker Phone, handset and headset with full duplex

Available in black and white color

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