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OHP 6000 Digital Player

OHP 6000 Digital Player
Item# OHP6000
Whether you want the flexibility to create your own professional sounding on hold audio at a moment's notice, or if you want a professionally produced message production emailed to you the new OHP 6000 is the ultimate solution!

Winner of the prestigious Best of Innovations Award honors at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the OHP 6000 is, perhaps, one of the most awesome office productivity and image tools ever!

Best of all, the player does not need to be connected a computer in order to play itís high quality on hold audio.

OHP 6000 Series Digital Players - Revolutionary digital music on hold playback system supports MP3 and WMA audio formats. The unit has 16mb of on board memory preloaded with over 57 minutes of great sounding licensed music content, so itís ready to go right out of the box. Add new content to the player by connecting to a PC via the USB port or just slip in an SD Card with new content. By adding a SD Card you can increase the memory to 128mb and over 9 hours of content!

Best of all, there are no moving parts to break or wear...non-volatile memory means it retains its recorded content, even after power failure.

We can't say enough about how cool, powerful and easy to use Message Studio is. Want to give it a try? Download it for free!!

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