Norstar Polycom - Audio Conferencing UnitZoom

Norstar Polycom - Audio Conferencing Unit

Norstar Polycom - Audio Conferencing Unit
Item# NTAB2665
The Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit, designed in partnership with Polycom, offers superior teleconferencing by using three microphones to provide 360 degrees of voice coverage. The Conferencing Unit is a full duplex hands free unit. This feature allows voice to be heard and picked up at the same time, providing faster response time and eliminating conversation collisions and losses. The unit has a Norstar feature key, which allows access to many of the same features found on the M7000 or T7000 series of Norstar phone sets. Like the M7000 & T7000 series phone sets, the NACU connects to the Norstar via a station port. The best part about this Polycom conferencing unit is that it already has the circuitry inside for direct connection to your Norstar system.

***For use with Norstar phone systems only***
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