Norstar (0x32) Base Cabinet W/ R7.1 SoftwareZoom

Norstar (0x32) Base Cabinet W/ R7.1 Software

Norstar (0x32) Base Cabinet W/ R7.1 Software
The Norstar 0x32 Modular ICS (MICS) provides the most power and speed ever available in a business communication system. Its ingenious combination of hardware and software puts this new system in a class by itself. The Norstar Modular ICS is designed from the "ground up" to take full advantage of the very latest advances in digital technology and communications. This next generation Norstar brings the power and flexibility of much larger systems within the reach of companies with smaller port and traffic requirements Because of it's versatility you will think the Norstar Modular ICS was designed just for your business. It's easy to add hardware and software options that tailor the system to your exact needs. The Norstar Plus Modular ICS represents the smartest investment you can make to help successful companies like yours thrive today, tomorrow, and for years to come. The Norstar Modular ICS is T1 ready and expandable to over 250 total ports. The basic KSU is 0 lines by 32 stations. The 0 lines in the KSU allows for the open architecture ability to add 4x0 trunk cards or 24 channel T1 cards (maximum of 2 T1).
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