Nortel BCM 50 Base SystemZoom

Nortel BCM 50 Base System

Nortel BCM 50 Base System
Item# NT9T6500
BCM 50 main unit WITHOUT a Router.

Includes: 1.0 software, power supply and power cable, 3 RJ-45 LAN ports, and a dedicated OA&M port.

System is initially configured 0x0.

By adding key codes the main unit can be configured with up to: 4 analog trunks, 12 digital stations, 4 analog stations, 32 IP stations, and 12 IP trunks.

Up to 2 expansion units can be added which allow 1 media bay module each. These can be used to add digital stations, analog stations, digital trunking and/or analog trunking.

The BCM has 10 voicemail ports built in with 0 mailboxes. Voicemail boxes can be activated by key codes (up to 1000) with 100 hours of storage time.
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