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Nortel 1150E IP Phone

Nortel 1150E IP Phone
Item# NT-YS06BAE6
Features: Multi-line IP Phone supports up to 12 line/programmable features keys supported on Nortel Communication Servers which support the shift function. 4 context sensitive soft label keys and 12 fixed keys.7 additional fixed keys with built-in LEDís dedicated for IP Contact Center agents. 7 additional fixed keys with built-in LEDís as optional configuration for IP Contact Center supervisors. Additional feature key which can be programmed for general telephony or ACD specific features**. High-resolution, fully backlit, graphical, 8 level gray scale, 240 x 160 pixel display with anti-glare screen. Built-in USB port which supports standard USB mice, keyboards, keyboard emulation devices and powered hubs. Embedded Bluetooth 1.2 Audio Gateway supports standard Bluetooth headset profiles for agents. Integrated IEEE 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Switch supports up to Gigabyte Ethernet speeds on both LAN and PC ports supporting traffic from a collocated PC Secured communications with signaling and media path encryption along with network authentication for enhanced security. Proactive Voice Quality Management (PVQM) for enhanced administration and diagnostics. Unicode support for expanded language and complex font presentation on the IP Phone 1150E display***. Supports the Expansion Module for the IP Phone 1100 Series offering 18 additional line/programmable feature keys per module****.

**Additional Feature Key requires Nortel Communication Server development and will not be available at time of general availability.

***Nortel Communication Server/minimum release dependent. Consult Nortel server documentation of choice for further support details.
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