Mitel FIM II (14 km SM) 9180-510-003-NAZoom

Mitel FIM II (14 km SM) 9180-510-003-NA

Mitel FIM II (14 km SM) 9180-510-003-NA
Item# 9180-510-003-NA
Supports the transmission of voice and data signals over fiber optic cables that provide connectivity between the main control cabinet and the peripheral cabinets. Plugs into the PRI card, the BCC III, Peripheral Interface Module Carrier card, or the Control Triple CIM Card. Modules are available with ranges of 1 km, 5 km, and 14 km. This part is the 14km card. Can connect with a FIM, however the fiber interface module at each end of the fiber cable must have the same range. Is ideal for distributed systems (cabinets greater than 10 meters apart).

Compatible with: SX-200ML and SX-200EL/ELX
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