Mitel Copper Interface Module (CIM) 9180-510-010-NAZoom

Mitel Copper Interface Module (CIM) 9180-510-010-NA

Mitel Copper Interface Module (CIM) 9180-510-010-NA
Item# 9180-510-010-NA
Supports the transmission of voice and data signals over copper cables that provide connectivity between the main control cabinet and the peripheral cabinets. Uses a twisted pair interface with standard Category 5 cable. Is similar to the FIM in the way that it provides 3 ST links. In a main control cabinet, plugs onto the PRI card. In a peripheral cabinet, plugs onto the BCC III, Peripheral Interface Module Carrier card, or the PRI card. Supports connectivity of cabinets up to 30 meters or 100 feet apart. The copper interface modules are ideal for a co-located system.

Compatible with: SX-200ML and SX-200EL.
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