Mitel Micro Lite SX-2000 CabinetZoom

Mitel Micro Lite SX-2000 Cabinet

Mitel Micro Lite SX-2000 Cabinet
Item# 9400-200-130
Features: Global support. Interoperability with a wide range of desktop devices. 500 plus telephony features to choose from. Full automated attendant (both touch tone and speech enabled). Support for integrated enterprise voice and fax messaging. Support for unified messaging. Automatic call distribution. System centralized management from a single PC or terminal. Support for Q.SIG and DPNSS networking protocol allowing it to connect with non-Mitel Networks systems to form a virtual private network. Support for ANI and DNIS to allow individual users to identify and prioritize incoming calls. Support for a wide range of international trunking support (analogue and digital) to provide wide area networking while reducing trunking costs. Cost effective migration and integration to IP for user support and applications. CTI Ready. Integrated Telephone Directory. Tenant Services.
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