Mitel Universal Card 9109-005-000Zoom

Mitel Universal Card 9109-005-000

Mitel Universal Card 9109-005-000
Item# 9109-005-000
Each of these modules are assigned a power rating. The cumulative rating of these modules can not exceed 10 on one Universal Card. If so, an additional Universal Card is required: E&M Trunk Module 9109-013-000-SA (3 PR). Music on Hold/Pager Module 9109-018-000-SA (1 PR). DTMF Receiver/Relay Module 9109-016-000-SA (2 PR). DLIC Console Module 9109-025-000-SA (5 PR).

Compatible with: SX-200D, SX-200ML, and SX-200EL .
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