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Merlin Magix Messaging Release 4.0

Merlin Magix Messaging Release 4.0
Item# 700306699
Features: 200 Mailboxes with 6000 Minutes of Storage. Configure up to 200 subscribers. Expands from 2 to 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 ports. Administer the Merlin Messaging Release 2.5 through a system display telephone (4424LD+ or MLX-20L) or through your LAN using a Windows based PC and easy to use administration software. Provides 4 Automated Attendants which answer incoming lines and present callers with a list of options, can also detect and route fax calls. Language support for: U.S. English, Canadian French, and Latin American Spanish. Delay Announcement Service provides recorded delay announcements for callers when calls are in queue for selected DGC groups. Unified Messaging Application enables mailbox users to integrate and manage voice mail and email messages using their PCs email client. This application converts and delivers voicemail messages to an email server as an attached. WAV file. This also allows users to work with their voice mail messages remotely in an email environment.

Record A Call allows a user at a multi-line telephone to record an active conversation and store it as a voice file in the user's Merlin Messaging Release 4.0 mailbox. Feature is available for internal or external calls. Can be used on conference calls. Requires Merlin Magix Release 4.0 Processor. Record a call requires a Merlin Messaging R4.0 with 4 ports or greater.

Voice Mail Service allows: record, send, forward, and reply to messages; listen to messages, return calls to internal callers, record their names and personal greetings, activate personal greetings; change their personal operators, passwords, message status and call answer mode of their mailbox; set up out calling, create personal group lists, transfer to another extension, or designate message as priority, private, and/or request return receipt, auto copy, adjust message retrieval order, preview messages, return to previous message, heard last played message, speed up and slow down playback, designate phantom mailboxes.

Call Answer Service functions as a personal answering machine, allowing a caller to hear a personal greeting, switch to the alternate language if the system is configured in bilingual mode, leave a voice message, designate voice message as a priority or private message, and transfer to an operator to another extension.

Clamshell required for Merlin Legend Systems or Merlin Magix Systems with plastic Basic Control Unit or plastic Merlin Legend Expansion Unit. Clamshell not required for Merlin Magix Systems with metal Merlin Magix Basic Carrier or metal Merlin Magix Expansion.

Compatible with all releases of Merlin Magix and Merlin Legend Release 7.0.
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