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Meridian M5008 Phone

Meridian M5008 Phone
Item# M5008
Features: Single line set with multi-line functionality. Line powered (no local power required). Enlarged keypad and control bar for easy dialing and volume adjustment. 8 system programmable keys for feature access or directory numbers. On hook dialing for convenient call setup or access to voice mail. Feature/line indicator to let you know at a glance if a feature or line is in use. Primary Directory Number that is automatically selected for outgoing calls when you lift the handset. Hold and Release keys for better call processing. Last Number Redial to automatically store the last number you dialed, making it easier to reach busy numbers. Sleek, low profile styling that requires minimum space. Color coded, conveniently placed Hold and Release keys. Designation labels and key caps. Desk or wall mountable. Provides basic telephone service in the event of a power failure.

*Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings.

***The Centrex phones require you to order Centrex service from your telephone provider and will not work without this service. Please call your local telephone provider for more information about Centrex Service.

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