KX-TA12322 Advanced Hybrid Control CabinetZoom

KX-TA12322 Advanced Hybrid Control Cabinet

KX-TA12322 Advanced Hybrid Control Cabinet
Item# KX-TA12322
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Initially configured with 8 CO and 16 stations. It can for to 12 CO and 32 Stations with the addition of up to 2 of the KX-TA123270 Extension Modules and 1 KX-TA123280 CO module. The KX-TA1232 is compatible with Panasonic KX-T7000 and KX-T7300 series telephones and Panasonic cordless models (KX-T7880 and KX-T7885, KX-T7895) and single line devices.

Features include: Modular Design Expandable to 12 x 32, Non-Blocking, Voice Mail Integration, Caller ID, Call Waiting, SMDR, Direct Inward System Access, Toll Restriction, Call Forwarding (Busy, No Answer, Follow Me, Outside Line and All Call), 4 Door phones/Openers, System Configuration Backup Utility.
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