Konftel 200EX Expandable Conference Phone w/MicrophonesZoom

Konftel 200EX Expandable Conference Phone w/Microphones

Konftel 200EX Expandable Conference Phone w/Microphones
Item# KT200EX
Konftel 200 makes conference calls a viable alternative to face to face meetings, which require both, time and expense. OmniSound® technology is designed to deliver optimal tonal quality that gives you a feeling of being there.

Konftel 200 is a powerful and versatile conference phone that easily adapts to any size conference room. By adding the powerful expansion microphones, larger conference calls are seemless. A remote control is also available, providing complete control of the conference phone from anywhere in the room.

Features: Crystal clear sound provided by OmniSound® technology. 300 foot range. 360 degree room coverage. Full duplex. Connects to an analog line. Full feature keypad for dialing, flash, volume control, and mute. User friendly menu system. Tape recorder output. Expansion remote control available. Also available in ISDN Model.

Additional microphones expand room coverage to 700+ feet.

*Two year warranty *
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