Grandstream RFID CARD Bundle (10 PCS)Zoom

Grandstream RFID CARD Bundle (10 PCS)

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Grandstream RFID-CARD

Enter with ease. Whether it is your office, gym, apartment building or more getting in with a simple wave of a card makes your life easier. Simple to set up. Simple to use. It makes life well... simple.

Grandstream RFID-CARD Specifications

-Card Type: ID Card (TK4100)

-Working Frequency: 125KHz

-Storage Capacity: 64 Bit Read-Only

-Operating Distance: 2 ~ 15 cm

-Life Span: > 100,000 Times

-Packaging Materials: PVC, ABS

-Encapsulation Method: PVC Laminated

-Power Supply Mode: Passive Card

-Working Temperature: -20C ~ 55C

-Storage Temperature: -20C ~ 80C

-Product Dimension: 85.5 mm x 54 mm x 0.93mm 0.5mm
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