Cisco IP Phone CP-7941G-CH1Zoom

Cisco IP Phone CP-7941G-CH1

Cisco IP Phone CP-7941G-CH1
Item# CP-7941G-CH1
Features: Access to 2 phone lines or combination of line access and telephony features. A high resolution, graphical 4 bit gray scale display 320 x 222. Support for double byte characters and Unicode text to benefit Extensible Markup Language application developers. Support for IEEE standard 802.3af inline power and Cisco inline power. One PC workstation jack, 2 line appearances, Speakerphone for hands free use, Redial, New Call, Call Forward and Transfer, Hold, Mute microphone button, Call Back, Conference: Set up call conferencing and Conference List, List the conference attendees and their call status, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Intercept, Send calls to voice mail, Directories, Call Presence, Direct Connect to Voice Messaging, Voice Message Waiting Indicators, Access to On screen Directories, Missed, Received, and Placed Calls, UVic Directory, Canada 411, On Line Help, Multiple Ring Tones, Large Configurable Screen Display, Volume control toggle, Headset support, Hearing aid compatible handset, Desk or wall mount.

**Phone Dose Not Include Power Supply**
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