Cisco ATA 186 w/600 OHM ImpedanceZoom

Cisco ATA 186 w/600 OHM Impedance

Cisco ATA 186 w/600 OHM Impedance
Item# ATA186-I1-A
Benefits: Connects legacy telephones to IP-based networks. Flexible configuration and provisioning options. Clear, natural-sounding voice quality. Supports multiple protocols for interoperability and deployment flexibility. Small form-factor design. Enhanced security. Track packet input, output and errors.

Features: Two voice ports support legacy analog touch tone telephones. RJ 45 connection to 10BaseT Ethernet hub or switch. Auto-provisioning with Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) provisioning servers. Automatic assignment of IP address, network route IP, and subnet mask via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Web configuration through built-in Web server. Touch-tone telephone keypad configuration with voice prompt. Administration password to protect configuration and access. Remote upgrades through network. Advanced pre-processing to optimize full-duplex voice compression. High performance line-echo cancellation eliminates noise and echo. Voice activity detection (VAD) and comfort noise generation (CNG) save bandwidth by delivering voice, not silence. Dynamic network monitoring to reduce jitter artifacts such a packet loss. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP)-Cisco CallManager technology. Fits in most environments. Passwords displayed as asterisks instead of readable text. Network status page.

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