BCM 3.5 400 Base System 2 LAN RedundantZoom

BCM 3.5 400 Base System 2 LAN Redundant

BCM 3.5 400 Base System 2 LAN Redundant
Item# 16688
Release 3.5 now offers the BCM400 platform with four bays for Media Bay Modules. This addition will simplify configurations and eliminate the need for the Expansion Cabinet in some scenarios. It also reduces the total cost of ownership for this configuration. When coupled with an Expansion Cabinet, the system can grow to support a maximum of 192 digital stations or up to 90 IP telephones; however, this is configuration dependent. 240 stations is the maximum capacity, with a mix of IP and digital stations, when 100% IP is used. The BCM400 is available in a standard model or a redundant feature option model, which includes dual, hot swappable power supply, dual chassis cooling fan and RAID mirrored hard disk drive redundancy.
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