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Avaya JBM24 Button Module

Item# ava-jbm
The Avaya JBM24 Button Module extends the number of call appearances and feature buttons on the Avaya J169 or J179 IP phones. Each button module provides 24 additional lines for incoming calls, outgoing calls, autodialing, and calling features.

Avaya JBM24 Features

Provides 24 additional line/feature buttons for your Avaya J169 or J179 IP phone

Each button has a dual red/green indicator

Two monochrome displays

Adjustable display contrast

Up to three JBM24s can be connected to an Avaya J169 or J179 IP phone

Power is supplied by base IP phone (increases PoE to class 2)


Compatible with Avaya J169 and J179 IP phones

No additional licensing is required when adding the Avaya JBM24 button module
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