Yealink SIP-VP59 Teams Edition Zoom

Yealink SIP-VP59 Teams Edition

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The Yealink VP59 Smart Video Phone is certified for Mrosoft Teams offering a tailored user interface, and native suport for Teams features such as calls, meetings and Voicemail. Featuring HD Video and cutting-edge audio, the VP59 is the perfect device to conduct video meetings and boost team productivity and performance.

The Yealink VP59 is Yealink's flagship smart video phone that is fuly compatible with Office 365. It has been designed to offer a superb Teams experience via its interface.

The VP59 has the codec, camera and microphone that areneedee dto provide a rich Teams exprience.

Featuring Noise Proof and Acoustic Shield technology, the VP59 automatically eliminates background noise so that every video call can be crisp and clear. Moreover, the camera on the VP59 can be extended up to 10 feet (3 meters) via a USB cable so that users can place it or mount it where they prefer in order to add flexibility to the meeting view.

Yealink VP59 Teams Features and Specifications:

-Teams certified

-8 inch capacitive adjustable touch screen

-HD Audio

-2 USB ports

-Runs on Android 7.1 operating system

-Built-in Bluetooth

-Built-in dual band 2.4/5G Wi-Fi

-Dual Gigabit ports, PoE support

-Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone
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